About Us

Who We Are, The Why, and Our Process

In a sea of “machine shops” out there, customers want and need more than just “machining”. TQ strives to deliver more and be a leader in the machining industry, with decades of experience and now a focused commitment providing more than “just machining”, we aim to provide a frictionless experience for customer buying, sourcing, and engineering teams.

We are committed to our “5 Cs” to try and deliver a seamless customer experience.

  1. Culture. We focus on our team first, because when we do, they will take care of customers with the right behavior and engagement.
  2. Communication. We aim for over communication. Be frequent, be clear, and maintain open lines.
  3. Collaborate. With communication and engagement, we want to be problem solvers for customers and creators of solutions, not more headaches.
  4. Consistency. While no one is perfect and sometimes plans go awry, we want to be consistent in execution. Consistent quality, consistent delivery and do what we say we will do. With consistency comes transparency and ownership, traits becoming more rare unfortunately.
  5. Customer Experience. If we are doing all the above right, this should be an easy outcome.
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Oh, and yes, we are really good at machining with a top-notch team that can make high quality parts very fast at competitive prices.

TQ Manufacturing offers more than 30 years of precision machining and engineering experience, established in 1996 in Willoughby, Ohio. We operate today out of our HQ, a 15K square foot facility in Mentor Ohio with a dedicated team of manufacturing pros and supporting machining equipment focused on supporting our customers’ needs and growth. We are ISO9001:2015 certified and our quality emphasis and track record is foundational to our success.

Our mission is simple, and purpose is clear: Be a builder of people and culture to create a world class partner for value added machining services in the USA. Our core competencies revolve around manufacturing of complex shapes with a specific niche focus on machining castings, forgings, and hog outs.

Customer experience is the crest of our 5C’s and our processes are geared towards ideal customer journeys. Our proven and streamlined processes can make machined parts procurement and supply seem as routine as Starbucks orders or grocery store runs. With NPI and development projects, through our Passport© Process, we can offer engineering support and key DFMA inputs to help streamline manufacturing and optimize costs for customer new product and process development efforts.

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What We Do

We help our customers win. There is a reason we say you want TQ in your supply chain. It’s because we help our customers put points on the scoreboard.

TQ Manufacturing is an ISO9001 certified full-service CNC machining facility offering machining services for everything, including castings and forgings, high-temperature alloys, titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. We specialize in machining of complex shapes, including castings, forgings, and hog outs.

We are committed to providing high-quality machined products to our customers in a timely manner.