Who We Serve

When it must be right, when it has to be fast, and when it looks like a challenge, TQ can answer. TQ Manufacturing has a strong reputation and proven track record for providing the highest quality components, parts, and services with rapid turnaround times for multiple customers across various industries.

Our customers operate across multiple industries, and our core segments include:
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Casting Foundries
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Forging Houses
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General Manufacturing
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Transportation Industry

Transportation is the lifeblood of how people and goods get around. From trains to buses to trucking to automobiles, the transportation industry covers a wide spectrum with the emphasis of moving people and goods around the world.

TQ Manufacturing provides mission critical supply chain support for customers in the transportation industry including machining and fabrication of components for the rail, electric vehicle, trucking, and marine transportation markets.

Fluid Handling

Moving water and chemicals is critical for infrastructure and support of society. From firefighting to wastewater handling to commercial transportation of water and fluids, efficiently moving fluids is key to sustainability.

From pumps to valves and manifolds, TQ Manufacturing supports key customers in the fluid movement industry with machining of high-quality components delivered on time.

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Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is an aggregation of manufacturing companies that deal with vehicular flight within and beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It is made up of many companies and activities that are involved in developing and making aircraft, rockets, missiles, space vehicles, and related equipment.

TQ Manufacturing delivers for our customers in the aerospace supply chain, providing midstream machining work for customers to help them optimize their production capabilities and capacity as well as supporting customers on new technologies and product development.

Defense Industry

The defense industry involves public organizations and private firms involved in research, development, production, and service of military materiel, equipment, and facilities.

TQ supports customers in the defense industry by providing mid-tier supply chain support for precision machining and fabrication of components including forgings and castings for defense end use applications.

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Energy and Oil Gas Industry

The energy industry is critical to supporting infrastructure and society at large. From coal mining to oil and gas to wind and solar, energy production is required to sustain our standard of living.

TQ Manufacturing supports our customers in the energy industry with precision machining of components used in the oil & gas markets as well as leading alternative energy including wind and solar.

General Industrial

TQ Manufacturing also does machining and assembly work for customers and markets outside of those listed here. This includes a variety of castings, forgings, and shapes machining where we complete value added work for upstream suppliers, and the components are sent back unfinished. Whatever the application, TQ Manufacturing can be your value-added manufacturing partner to exceed your needs and expectations.

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