In an endless sea of machine shops, finding capability and consistency in machining suppliers can be challenging.

Experience a different and refreshingly transparent approach and partner with a machine shop that provides manufacturing solutions, not more headaches.

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Why TQ?

Not all machine shops are built and operated the same. We emphasize our strengths and improve what makes us unique.

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Core Competency – Machining Shapes.

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Obsession with Customer Focus.

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Driven – by Lean, Tech, and a Best in Class Team.

Are you tired of dealing with machining suppliers who over promise and under deliver?

So are we.

Which is why we are building something different and reimagining the U.S. machine shop experience for our employees and customers.

  • Vendors delivering poor quality product? Missing deliveries?
  • Can’t get updates – emails and phone calls go unanswered?
  • Machining costs highly variable and non-competitive?
  • Long lead times that keep increasing?
  • Lack of technical and quality support to help solve

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are in the right place.

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We are designed and built to support overworked and under pressure purchasing, engineering and supply chain teams.

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Find out why buyers love us.

  1. Precision machining of shapes including castings, forgings, and hog outs in wide array of materials.
  2. Quality and delivery performance.
  3. Engineering, Quality and DFM/I support. 30+ years of collective team experience and CAD/CAM/CMM technology available!
  4. Dedicated customer service via systems and communication.
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Who We Serve

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Casting Foundries

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Forging Companies

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Primary OEMs